Manganese Phosphate Coating Supply


Zinc phosphating serves as a base for organic coatings such as paint, powder coat or lacquer, lubricating oils or waxes. The coating provides minimal corrosion protection—its purpose is to provide a crystal structure to which the subsequent organic coating, oil or wax can mechanically bond. Zinc phosphating can be grey or black, with these colours deepened by subsequent application of oil. For defence applications, this finish can reduce reflectivity of base materials. Zinc phosphating is sometimes referred to as Parkerizing.


Manganese phosphating has excellent corrosion resistance and provides superior lubrication for metal to metal contact. Manganese phosphating results in coatings that have a crystal structure that has finish has excellent break-in properties and reduces wear on moving surfaces. It prevents scoring and galling on moving parts. The absorptive manganese phosphate coating retains oils, rust preventives and lubricants.


With our detailed manganese phosphate coating services our clients across Melbourne can better protect their integral machinery, parts, and components from the deteriorating effects of friction that comes from metal to metal contact. To ensure that the coating adheres to the surface our specialists conduct in-depth phosphate pre-treatments on all materials supplied to us.


ACS produce phosphate coatings in accordance with the requirements of:


   :: Australian Standard AS 1627.6

   :: Mil Spec 16232

   :: GMW 3179G

   :: GM 4277M


Military Specification Finishes


At Adhesive Coating Services we have made it our mission to deliver a comprehensive coating service that meets both industry and military specifications. Highly-durable and resilient in high-stress environments our long-lasting military specification finishes give Melbourne clients a finish that is made to last in the harshest of conditions. To find out more about the applications of our premium finishes and coatings call our expert team today on 03 9791 3179.