Industrial Surface & Lubricated Coatings by ACS


Protect your parts and components by trusting the team at ACS. Able to seamlessly and evenly apply durable and internationally-renowned industrial surface coatings our experts have gained a solid reputation as one of the leading companies specialising in supplying and applying lubricated coatings in Melbourne.


At Adhesive Coating Services we can deliver a number of exceptional industrial surface coating services across all industries including:


:: Thin film galvanic and protective coatings (eg. Doerken DELTA MKS, Everlube, Whitford)

:: Zinc & manganese phosphate coating

:: Industrial spray painting (colour coating screw & bolt heads, finishing of industrial, architectural &

    decorative parts)

:: Powder Coating

:: Refinishing of automotive underbody components for car part restoration

Quality Accredited to ISO 9001:2008

 ACS can provide supporting documentation for all products used, and their application.


Protective coating materials are sourced internationally from leading manufacturers including Doerken DELTA MKS, Everlube & Magni and are capable of meeting the needs of a wide range of industrial applications including, but not limited to, corrosion resistance through both galvanic and barrier protection, chemical resistance, solid film lubrication, abrasion resistance or a combination of these.


The film thickness of the coatings available is typically less than 25 micron which, depending on the size of the component, can mean no specific sizing adjustment is required.


Our experience and international associations mean that we can assist in the selection of coatings for particular applications and environments based both on technical merit and in field experience.


ACS provides specialised high performance coatings and deals with a wide range of part sizes, from small parts such as M4 threaded fasteners to bulk dip spin coating, to parts weighing several hundred kilograms, which are spray coated.


Parts can be masked so that the high performance coatings are applied only to specific surfaces and if required multiple coatings can be applied to the one part.


Through our own in house shot peening and working with experienced subcontractors we can also provide abrasive blast cleaning/surface preparation when required.


In addition, ACS applies a wide range of industrial spray paints (2 pack and heat cured) powder coating and through our shot peening and pretreament capability can refinish underbody automotive components (differentials, cross members, disc rotors etc with modern high performance coating) for car part restoration. To discover more about the many benefits of our selection of industrial coatings call us today on 03 9791 3179.